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  • Welcome: Learning outside the classroom is as important as the learning that takes place inside. Sustainable skills are integrated into the daily school curriculum and help involve the students, teachers, and parents in generating income to help support the school. Gardening, community service, dying fabric and other income generating projects help provide funds for the school operation,foster a sense of self-sufficiency, and reinforce the importance of respect for others’ belongings and feelings.
  • Income Generating Projects: The income generating projects provide life skills that prepare our students  to  become productive citizens and make meaningful contributions. Through this program our students learn the value of team work, service and they are able to integrate outside classroom activities into the classroom. The school income generating projects include:
  • Farming and Gardening:  Most of our students come to school without lunch and the school has no canteen nor provides any lunch services for the students.

    In 2001 our faculty and a group of volunteers thought it would be a great idea if the school would embark on a gardening/farming project and use the proceeds to prepare lunch at the school and sell the proceeds to generate income.
  • Cookery/Mini Canteen
    The proceeds from the Sabu garden project will not only help us with a school cookery/canteen shop, but we will also be able to establish canteen locations where we will sell affordable delicious  nutritious food to our students and the public. We will prepare breakfast in the early hours of the days, lunch and dinner all year round.
  • Used Clothing
    Throughout the year we collect quality used clothing, shoes, mattresses, furniture, hats and electrical appliances and computers, and school supplies. We shipped all items by barrel across the Atlantic. We auction all items and proceeds goes to support the schools. Make donation of quality used items or make a pledge today.

    Please click here to see a full list of items that we collect and contact address.
  • Stationary Printing Press
    Due to the huge expenses the school incurs every year on assessments, photocopies, and printing. The administration believes  it will  be a great idea if we can start a small printing shop that will serve the public and the school at the same time. Doing so will raise funds to cover the school’s huge stationary expenses and will enhance classroom creativity. We are collecting used laserjet jet printers, copy machines, poster printers, and  all printing items. Make  a pledge or donate printing equipments today by completing the form below.
  • Handmade Project
    In our  community, we know we are surrounded with a group of talented people. We have parents, students and teachers who possess talents in a  range of arts and crafts . We launched the handmade project by focusing on the following: dying fabrics, Djembe drums, necklace beads, and woven basket carving.

    We currently have Djembe drums and dyed fabric on our shopping cart to sell. If you need a fabric for a dress, dyed bed spread, table clothes  please contact us.   We will  make sure you receive it as quickly as possible. The proceeds will go to the school’s annual fund.

    Tailoring Shop
    It started with the school uniforms which brought about the idea of dying fabrics.  The tailor shop is designed for  sewing the school uniforms  and also gives our students the opportunity to learn sewing.
  • Clinical Nursing School:  Approximately 99.5 % of Schools in the Mano river union don’t have school clinics facilities for their students. This pose serious concern considering the spread of malaria and HIV virus and other air born transmitted diseases.  The idea to start a nursing clinical program for our high school students was launched. The program is designed  to prepare students to become school nurses and advocate for healthy school environments. The program was launch in 2006.
  • Vocational Center:  Industrialized Opportunities Centers provide vocational training. Because of Guinea and the sub region’s economy, both a vocational and an academic education are critical towards a more stable and prosperous region.

How you can help

We need donations to sponsor the income generating projects. If you are interested in sponsoring a particular school project please get in touch today by filling this form

If you would like to make a donation now, please click the Donate button.