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Message From Head Of School
Welcome to Sabu International School, were leaners become future leaders.

As I am just settling in to my first year as Principal , it was not that long ago when I began exploring Sabu through conversations with friends and colleagues who knew the School, and visits to campus. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with  Sabu, its people, its inspiring history, and its values. If you are just beginning your exploration of  Sabu, I suspect, and hope, that you will have a similar experience. For those of you who already know Sabu well, I invite you to fall in love all over again!

When you visit Sabu , you might note that we  are a bit traditional from any school in Guinea and the sub region. For example, we follow a  non-violence discipline policy, we put the classroom work first in everything that we do,  our students engage with the local community through service,  global community through classroom exchanges, and demanding code of conduct. This is indeed a remarkable place for learning, envisaged by its founder, Samuel Thoronka as “a pilot school for West Africa.”

As I review initiatives for the coming school years, I have come to learn that there will be an emphasis on; 

·   enhancing our sustainability by looking into a broad spectrum of fundraising,

 and income generating projects.

·  equipping our library with laptops, textbooks is critical

·  expanding the school in Guinea and the sub region is a top priority for my


·     nurturing the ongoing classroom exchanges with schools around the world

I want to thank all those in diverse ways who had helped the school in the past.  Please know well that your contribution has been the helping hands of others that more than three thousand five hundred students ( the alumni and the present students inclusive) of Sabu School can boast of being educated and are making lots of impact to society and the world at large. This is the faith of most of our alumni who are either studying in universities or co-operate workers today.

I highly encourage you to get involved. Volunteering with us, helping out with school programs, hosting a fundraising event, making a donation, spreading the word about  Sabu, networking, collecting school supplies & school equipments, textbooks and attending school functions are all  important  responsibilities. Please know your help and supports are welcomed at all times. Don`t forget the best of stars is the one which produces light for others to shine. Help one, and you would have Helped all.

I am very much looking forward to establishing a life time relationship with you.
Foday Conteh
Principal and Director of Studies
Sabu International School
Conakry, Guinea
West Africa