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Administrative Council:
The administrative council(Board of Directors) guides, administer, provides long range plans, make financial decisions, facilitates developments, and changes of the schools and programs we supports.

Executive Director:
Is the personnel manager who oversees all activities and executes the action and plans of the Board. He/She also serves as a staffing liaison to the Administrative Council.

The staff includes those individuals hired to work at Sabu International School. Each Staff Member’s job description varies according to position but together the staff operates the school daily with the primarily goal of educating the students.

Parent Committee:
The parent committee is a body comprised of parents of Sabu International School. It is organized and run by the parents with the purpose of actively helping the school and organizing the parents’ concerns and opinions. The head of the parent expresses the opinions of the parents to the Executive Director who, in turn, relays this to the Administrative Council. The Parents Committee is not an administrative but a social and advisory body, and the Head of the Parent Committee speaks at each PTSA meeting to express the viewpoint of the parents.

The advisers include those who help the Sabu International School out of good will. They include Americans, Guinean, Europeans, Liberians, Nigerians, Sierra Leoneans, Australian and any other individuals who give a great deal of time and energy to Sabu. Based on their experience, these people advise the Administrative Council on issues concerning the school.